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[China]Horizontal wooden stand with clock/hygro/thermometer

Civel. Horizontal wooden stand with clock/hygro/thermometer. 1 cell battery included. - Size: 24,3x9x2,3 cm - Print size: 70x8 mm. - Colour: wood[...]


[China]Sell whirlpool Spa pool L-2836

Seating Seats: 5 Hydrotherapy Recliners: 1 Bucket Seats: yes Dimension / Weight Dimension: 1950 x 1950 x 910mm Dry Weight: 243kg Filled Weight: 1445kg Water Capacity: 1202Litres Pumps Low Power Circulation Pump: Yes High Flow Jet Pump 1: 2.5hp High Flow Jet Pump 2: 2.0hp Air Blower: Yes Electrics Electronic Control System: SP800 Heater: 3Kw Electrical Requirements: 32amps Jet Configurations Total Jets: 52 Filtration and Controls Electronic Auto Filtration: Yes Top-Load[...]



BEIZHU radiator Co.,Ltd был основан в 1988 году,которая специализируется на изготовлении чугунных радиаторов в Китае.Мы всегда придерживаемся принципов "науки и техники играют важную роль в развитии предприятии " и "честность это основа компании ". Благодаря тому,что провации[...]


[China]Sell cigarette gas lighter

Cigarette plastic flint disposable gas lighters, Cigarette plastic flint refillable gas lighters with LED lamp, Cigarette plastic electronic refillable gas lighters, Cigarette plastic windproof gas lighters, Cigarette plastic gas lighters with LED lamp what kind of lighter do you prefer? Flint or electric? Disposable for refillable? Windproof or with LED? would you please give us more of your purchasing plan? then we can recommend you some good models for you.[...]


[Taiwan]Patent micro fiber mop

1. Micro fiber cloth + telescopic aluminum tube (length: 99 to 132 cm) 2. The mop cloth is micro fiber one that can absorb even 7 times of the water than the traditional mop cloth. 3. The mop can remove the dust and dirt easily without damage the floor surface. 4. The special tube design helps you to twist the water off. 5. The height of the tube is adjustable even children can be good assistants for the chore. never bend to twist the mop again. Country of origin: Taiwan[...]


[Taiwan]New netted duster with extend handle

1. Our new material - netted pp yarn, no more small piece fiber fall off. 2. The duster is soft and bushy, it will not scrape and without leave the yarn on your furnitures. 3. Easy to extend handle and clean too heard-to-reach places. 4. With telescopic aluminum tube. 5. Customized colors and sizes accepted. Country of origin: Taiwan[...]


[Philippines]EXPORT Native Placemats ( Raffia placemat * Coco placemat * Pandan placemat)

Exporter of Quality Philippine Handicrafts & Fashion Accessories [Handmade bags, native bags, handbags, Ladies Handbags, Beaded bags, Evening bag, Clutch Bags, Coco handbags, Casual Handbags, Sinamay handbags, abaca bag, raffia handbags, Coco Belts, Laminated balls, shell Bangles, wood bangles, Laminated balls, laminated decor balls, home accessories, decorative items, home decor, furniture accessories, Fortune balls, Sinamay placemats, Pandan placemats, raffia placemats, coco Placemats, native[...]


[China]Electric mosquito killer

FEATURES: 1.Consisting of three (3) layers of metal net. 2.Absolutely safe for people to touch the outer nets with bare finger or body, but not safe to squeeze the nets. 3.Zapping bugs dead instead of squashing. 4.Convenient to kill mosquitoes or bugs effectively, quickly and clean in the house or outdoors, no smell, no chemical, and no environmental pollution. 5.The net meshes are too small to enable children’s fingers to get through while mosquitoes or flies can do with its whole[...]


[China]Bamboo Steamers

Our county was famous for her high quality export oriented bamboo and wood steamers and we have a sound factory to backsupport our sales. We are able to offer all types of Bamboo or wood steamers at very nice prices, while without any risk of reducing the quality standard.[...]


[China]Electron Refillable Lighter (LF-588)

Type: Electron Refillable Lighter (LF-588) PCS/BOX: 50 PCS/CARTON: 1000 SPECIFICATIONS: 44.5*25.5*28(cm) LIGHTER SIZE: 81.8*25.3*12.1(mm) CONTAINER: 930[...]