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Country: Poland

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[Poland]Sell Glass products

For years Polish glass products have been famous for their high quality and original design. As a result, those who have once chosen these products always come back for more. Our company makes sure there is always plenty to choose from including old favorites as well as brand new designs. Only one thing never changes in our offer – the high quality of our goods which are all hand made. Now you too have the chance to deliver this great array of products to your customers. Please take a while to introduce[...]


[Poland]Metal home furnishing elements

We offer wide range of metal home furnishing elements like: mirrors, candlesticks, lamps, wineracks, shelves, stands etc.[...]



This unique mask is hand carved, hand painted, and is accented with a beautiful batik design put on the other side. Just look at the details, and you are sure to fall in love with this piece! Put this mask up in your home or office -- or give it as a gift -- it's up to you! Material: Wood Measurements for this mask are approximately: 16,5cm x 6cm x 12cm[...]




Name & Size(mm)-> Unit Package-> Collective Package Pinnacle 21x300-> 10-> 60 Sphere 80-> 1-> 9 Sphere 100-> 1-> 4 Column 60x130-> 1-> 6 Block 50x50x150-> 1-> 6 Pyramid 70x70x240-> 1-> 6 Options 1. maroon - gold 2. Ecru - gold[...]



Name & Size(mm) Sphere 60 Sphere 80 Sphere 100 Sphere 120 Column 50x90 Column 50x140 Column 50x190 Column 70x90 Column 70x140 Column 70x190 Column 70x240 Column 70x290 Block 50x50x90 Block 50x50x140 Block 70x70x90 Block 70x70x140 Pyramid 70x70x240 Pyramid 80x80x330 Pyramid 80x80x500 Pyramid 80x80x700 Pyramid 85x85x900 Cylinder 22x300 Color options 1. Silver 2. Gold[...]


[Poland]Decorative Cords, Lip/ Flanged Cords, Tassel Tiebacks

We can offer various kinds of decorative and flanged/ lip cords and tassel tiebacks mainly used on curtain, bedspread, pillow, sofa and other household textile made of pp, viscose, metallic yarn. We also manufacture cords for first communion albs. PASSAN, Polish haberdashery production company offers: Fringes, braids and gimps, curtain trims, cords - style and lip/ flanged cords, tassels and curtain tiebacks, strings, elastic tapes, floral ribbons. To see the products please visit [...]


[Poland]Flower pot - Holender

Galpi Ceramika S.C. Flower pots available in al colours from palette RAL Colour System, in glaze and acryl paint. measures: 81 średnica - 9 cm wys. - 10 cm 82 średnica - 12,5 cm wys. - 12,5 cm 83 średnica - 16 cm wys. - 16 cm 84 średnica - 19,5 cm wys. - 19,5 cm We encourage to see the prezentation of our firm. and to get informations how to order our Catalogue[...]


[Poland]Flower pot - Lemon pot

Galpi Ceramika S.C. We encourage to see the prezentation of our firm.[...]


[Poland]Flower pot Eva

Galpi Ceramika S.C. Flower pots available in all colours from palette RAL Colour System, in glaze and acryl paint. measures: 191 średnica - 12 cm wys. - 13 cm 192 średnica - 16 cm wys. - 18 cm 193 średnica - 21,5 cm wys. - 22 cm 194 średnica - 27,5 cm wys. - 28 cm We encourage to see the prezentation of our firm and to get informations about ordering our Catalogue.[...]


[Poland]Glass Vases

Clear glass vases. Various shapes and sizes, including large vases. Hand blown, high quality products. Delivery lead time 4 -6 weeks. Minimum orders vary, depending on the size of vases ordered. Paid samples available[...]